Racing story

First time I went to see speedway with my Dad in the midd 80`s. That was the only exciting sport in my town, so I decided to try it. It took a long time till I got a permit from my parents to let me race speedway. First time I sat on speedway bike in September 1991 and after two years of hard work I passed exams to gain speedway licence. I did it at home track in Gniezno on 5th October 1993.

I realised that speedway is not an easy play. In my first match (challange against Czestochowa) I scored two points (0,1,1). Later it was even worse. In my league debut at Pila I did not score. A lot of falls and bad results effected in start of my mechanic career. Instead of racing I began to help my parters in the pits.
Once I thought it is my future, three riders from my club got injured. Then I recived their bikes and together with two other juniors I was asked to compete in match against Krosno. During the match I had to replace oyher rider. Before the race the team manager said: "you can finish 4th far in the back, but just do not fall!". I was frighten. Then tape went up and after 30 meters I got so excited that I do not know how someone passed me. I finished second. Later I came third, and I won a race. That was my first ever win. I felt good, because it happened in home league debut. I knew then that it was my sport but also I released that willings are not enough. I scored 13 points in league matches in 1994. My heat average was 0,722. I competed in 27 matches that year.

Conditions for young riders in my home club in Gniezno were not good. Then Zbigniew Jader became out coach. He decided that juniors must be treated. Beginning of 1995 was not good. Just falls, and last places. Then out trainer took my engine to one of tunners. He did not say where it went. It brought good results - 4 points against Rybnik. After two days I went to Pila for individual open race. That day the track was still black, wet, and bumby. I had to think a lot how can I keep on the bike. Din not go bad - 2,2,3. Next race against unbeaten Damian Balinski. Trainer said:"Take it easy and get two points". I was going second but I got close to Balinski and finally I beat him. Balinski was beaten only by me. I finished third in that event. The day after at home track I scored 12 points and finished 5th. All management office members of my club were pleased. Everyone, but not me. I just wanted to finish first every race. In the next two juniors individuals I scored 17 points and I had to re-build my engine. My trainer could not take it to that tuner. Mechanics in Gniezno have done it already. I got a message that new Jawa bike os coming - just for me. In the meantime I meat Mr. Leszek Czerwinski. He bought me a new leather. In 1995 I competed in 51 events. Five times I represented Poland in junior events in Czech Rep. and Germany. In Bronze Helmet Final I finished 6th. My heat average was 1,260.

In the beginning of 1996 my dreams came true. Mr. Czerwinski and Mr. Stolarz bought me a new laying down engine Jawa bike. I kept it in the little hut close to my house. Before the match I took it on the trailer and in my little Fiat I went to the track. I began to be a professional rider. 1996 was my first ever season in First Division. Second match in Grudziadz and 10 points (3,1,3,2,1). I won M. Rozak anf G. Smolinski Memorial. I finished second in Polish U-21 Championship semi-final in Pila. In Polish U-21 Best Pairs
in Rybnik I scored 16 points out of 19 scored by Gniezno pair. In Polish U-21 Final in Rzeszow I got 6 points (3,1,0,EF,2) and finished 11th. Then victory in juniors open and I was ready for Silver Helmet Final. I did not manage to stay cool. Just 5 points (1,3,1,EF,-) and
11th place. In my last race I got injured. Broken leg gave me two months of break. I finished that season with heat average 1,49 scoring 79 points in the league. I went with some others riders to South Africa in November. Our challengers were not too strong, so we have won all test matches. We have travelled a lot and have visted many places like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Sun City ot Duban.

1997 was the worst in my life. I was dissapointed not qualifing into World U-21 Championship. Everything that year went wrong. I just scored 4 points (EF,EF,EF,1,3) in Polish U-21 Final, and 48 points in the league (my average was 0,923). I decided to work up. That was ma last season as a junior. Ryszard Kowalski became my tuner due to Mr. Sniegowski and Mr. Skrzypczak. I learned a lot from my new tuner. That was a big pity that he was not with me before. New 1998 season was like a test for me. Mr. Czerwinski, Stolarz and Ciazenski stayed with me and I had big financial and psychical support from them. Club mechanic - Pawel Biskup (killed in a car crush one year later) was helping me every day. All together we created good results. Together with Fajfer brothers we have finished 3rd in Polish Best Pairs, and I have won Polish qualifing round of U-21 World Championship. I finished third in U-21 World Championship semi final in Terenzano (Italy), and finally got into U-21 World Final. I prepared very well to that meeting. I knew I was not among favoutites but I felt I could win it. I scored 14 pts. in the Final! (3,3,2,3,3).
I beat Lee Richardson, Andreas Jonnson (both later became World Champions), Scott Nicholls, Nicky Pedersen, Damian Balinski and Rafal Okoniewski. Only Robert Dados managed to beat me twice. Also in the lat run-off race for the Championship. I have to wait to get into Grand Prix gor another year. All Poland was delighted with gold and silver. I cried because I lost. Nobody undersood it and still people can not understand why. To be honest I am happy only when I win - that is me.
Pila final looked as my biggest succes, but it was my biggest defeat. I had to go on. In Polish U-21 Final I lost medal due to bad work of start marshall. I got wild. I scored "just" 9 points (1,3,3,2,0) and finished 6th. I finished 3rd in Silver Helmet Final at Leszno with 11 points (2,3,3,EF,3). Together with my team mates we won Polish U-21 Team Championship. That was first ever in history of Gniezno club. I had good season of league racing (141 points and heat average 1,855). Together with my girlfriend Eliza I went to Australia. The trip was sponsored by speedway bikes factory Masek. Every event of Mauger's tuor was a real show with sidecars, gocarts, and cars. All this at one track with conquer fances. I could race against Roman Powaznyj, and Dryml brothers. We had a great time there.

That is how I finished my junior career. Maybe that was not as big career as others who had support from famous fathers or brothers. I think I showed that hard work gives effects sooner ot later. With plenty of optimism I began senior racing. I managed to compete in World Championship qualifing round in Bydgoszcz As reserve rider I scored 5 points (2,3). I got out of Polish Championship. I managed to keep high standard of leauge racing. I scored 158 points (average 1,795). Due to bad foreigners my club was relegated. That was a season that Robert Sawina went to Wroclaw. Due to bad atmosphere and financial conditions in Gniezno I was close to do the same. Club owed me a lot of money and I had planty of engine failures. It did not help my club, but that is team competition.
I did not qualify into Polish Final, but I managed to get into the Continental Semi Final in Gdansk. I scored 10 points (3,2,3,2). Similat I had 10 points (3,1,3,1,2) in the Continental Final in Lonigo. I finished 6th and should get info GP Challenge. I did not, because FIM decided to keep one place for the host nation of that event, so only top five qualified. In Golden Helmet in Wroclaw I scored 7 points (3,0,2,2,0) and finished 8th. The day after I was racing at home in individual open meeting. Only Tomasz Gollob, and Todd Wiltshire were better than me. I beat Antonin Kasper, Henrik Gustafsson, Tony Rickardsson and Sebastian Ulamek and other good riders. Also I competed in Danish Superleague where I got championship crwon with BSC Brovst.

After a talk with Gniezno's management, who wasn't happy with my season's performances, I've started looking for a new club. I went to Polonia Piła. In my first match against Unia Leszno I scored 10 points. Later I scored 6-9 points in each match... I was second in World Championship National Qualifing Final in Rawicz - I scored 12 points there. I also won World Championship Qualifing Round in Lonigo with 15 points (3,3,3,3,3). I had also a debut in English Elite League in Wolverhampton. English league is a real life&speedway-school. I took place in 29 competitions and I finished the season with KSM 4,80. Of course it could have been better. If the technical supportment is good I'll go back there...
I had a bad luck in Polish Individual Championshlip qualifing round in Lublin. I had an accident "thanks to" Tomasz Piszcz. Having my leg in plaster I went to Terenzato to start in World Championship qualifing Semi-Final. I didn't manage to qualify (I scored only 5 points). I broke down. What is more... 5 days after having the plaster taken off. I was said (by Pila's management) to compete in Polish League. I thought it would be good. But it was a mistake. My three last matches in polish league shouldn't have happend. Well, human being learns after his faults... In the whole season I had more injuries than in my whole career. Everyone should know that I was paid only two matches in Pila... These people are real cheaters!

W 2002 roku wróciłem do Startu. Dlatego tylko, że za rządzenie zabrał się p. Czerwiński, ponieważ niepłacenie zawodnikom jest dzisiaj w modzie. Trudno znależć osoby, którym można zaufać. Zmontowano niezłą drużynę. Później dołączył do nas Krzysiek Cegielski i stworzyliśmy naprawdę zgrany zespół. Zapowiadana walka o pierwszą ,,trójkę" rozbudziła apetyt wszystkim i stała się prawdziwym bojem o awans do ekstraligi. Doping kibiców i atmosfera na meczach była fantastyczna. Pierwsza połowa sezonu była dla mnie bardzo udana. Nie było widać śladu po urazach i niepowodzeniach. Zespół skończył rundę zasadniczą na I miejscu! W między czasie kupiłem silnik GM-a. Silnik o innych parametrach technicznych niż moje JAWY spowodował pewne trudności. Przyznaję, że się pogubiłem. Nie potrafiłem ustawić go podczas zawodów do panujących warunków. Wyniki się pogarszały. Kontuzja ,,Cegły" osłabiła nas w rundzie play-off. Wylądowaliśmy na II miejscu. Po całym sezonie naprawdę niezłych występów (199 pkt i śr. biegowa 2,051), w ostatnim meczu decydującym o awansie zawiodłem na całej linii. Po tych zawodach odechciało mi się speedway'a.
Odbudowanie wiary w samego siebie kosztowało mnie wiele wysiłku. Zimą, wspólnie z Mirkiem zaczęliśmy współpracować z Leszkiem Hybiakiem. Nowatorski trening spowodował bardzo dobre przygotowanie do sezonu 2003. Zdecydowałem się ostatecznie przesiąść na GM-y.

Wzmocnienie się kilkoma zawodnikami spowodowało klęskę urodzaju. Kombinowanie ze składem i brak atmosfery były moim zdaniem główną przyczyną niepowodzeń drużyny i co za tym idzie problemów finansowych. Brak jakichkolwiek wypłat odbił się tragicznie na sprzęcie. Indywidualnie wystąpiłem z miernym skutkiem w finale IME (12 msc.) i Złotego Kasku (15 msc.). Jeśli chodzi o występy ligowe, był to mój najlepszy sezon. Tak wysokiej i równej formy przez cały sezon nie miałem jeszcze nigdy. 182 pkt i śr. biegowa 2,219 uplasowały mnie na 7 msc. wśród zawodników I ligi, a na 3 msc. w śród Polaków. I tak właśnie minęło 10 lat od chwili, kiedy zacząłem przygodę z żużlem. Bóg sprawił że hobby i miłość do ścigania się stało się moim sposobem na życie. Dziękuję mu za to. Mam nadzieję, że przez kolejne 10 lat zrealizuję sam siebie i będę jeszcze bardziej szczęśliwy.

W 2004 roku przeniosłem się do Gdańska. Celem nr 1 był awans do Ekstraligi. Osiągnęliśmy go raczej bez większego problemu. Wystartowałem w 15 meczach i uzyskałem śr. biegową 1,95. W Szwecji i Danii rozgrywki ligowe moje drużyny ukończyły na 6 pozycji. Ponadto byłem 2 w turnieju Lotos Cup w Gdańsku. Wspólnie z kolegami stanąłem na podium MPPK. W Indywidualnych Mistrzostwach Europy zająłem 6 msc.